Top Graphics Card Intel 9900K

Best GPU For i9 9900K 2024 (Top Rated Graphics Card For Intel Core 9900K)

Even if the 12th generation of Intel Core CPUs has just been released, the i9 9900K is still a very attractive model, especially for gamers. To enjoy all of its power, you need a proper top-rated graphics card. Because of that, we will help you navigate through some of the best GPU you can find right now.

Only want to know which are the best GPUs? Then you can believe that the best graphical performance in 2024 is delivered by the GeForce RTX 3080 Graphics Card. A second option which is also amazing, but this time by AMD, is the Radeon RX 6900 XT GPU.

Best GPU For i9-9900k: Quick Comparison

  • Video Memory. 10GB GDDR6X
  • GPU Boost Clock: 1710 MHz
  • GPU Base Clock: 1440 MHz
  • CUDA Core. 8704
  • Memory Speed: 19 Gbps
  • Memory Interface: 320-bit
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RUNNER UP Sapphire Radeon RX 6900 XT Graphics Card
  • Memory Size: 16 GB
  • Memory Type: GDDR6
  • Memory Bus: 256 bit
  • Bandwidth: 512.0 GB/s
  • Base Clock: 1825 MHz
  • Game Clock: 2015 MHz
  • Boost Clock: 2250 MHz
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GeForce RTX 3070 Founders Edition GPU
  • NVIDIA CUDA Cores: 5888.
  • Boost Clock (GHz): 1.73.
  • Base Clock (GHz): 1.50.
  • Memory Specs: 8 GB GDDR6.
  • Memory Interface Width: 256-bit.
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Sapphire RX 5700 XT 8GB Graphics Card
  • Base Clock: 1605 MHz
  • Game Clock: 1755 MHz
  • Boost Clock: 1905 MHz
  • Memory Clock: 1750 MHz
  • Memory Size: 8 GB
  • Memory Type: GDDR6
  • Memory Bus: 256 bit
  • Bandwidth: 448.0 GB/s
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MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 2080 Super 8GB
  • Base Clock: 1650 MHz
  • Boost Clock: 1815 MHz
  • Memory Clock: 1937 MHz
  • Memory Size: 8 GB
  • Memory Type: GDDR6
  • Memory Bus: 256 bit
  • Bandwidth: 495.9 GB/s
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Top-Rated Graphics Card For Intel Core 9900K: Reviewed & Ranked

1. ASUS TUF Gaming NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080

Best Video Card For i9 9900K

The RTX 3080 is the second most powerful model developed in the 30-series line. The RTX 3090 is also on the market, but its price is too high for its little difference compared to the 3080.

The triple-fan system uses the Axial-tech Fan Design, with larger blades and a central fan rotating in the opposite direction to improve airflow, combined with a better heatsink than its predecessors. 

The company also promises a high-performance power supply through the Super Alloy Power II, which selects high-quality components for capacitors and power phases for the chips. 

This GPU reaches an incredible 1710MHz in turbo mode. This was mainly made possible by the components used by ASUS. 

With high clocks, two other things draw attention: temperature and consumption. In terms of temperature, it did very well proving the efficiency of the ASUS cooler system.

As for power consumption, the situation changes a little, with the GPU consuming a lot at its standard clock, and a little more when overclocked.


  • Dual BIOS
  • Quiet fans
  • Excellent performance


  • Draws too much power

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2. Sapphire Radeon RX 6900 XT GPU

Best AMD GPU For i9 9900K Gaming Graphics Card

This model offers the best that AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture can.

This second generation of AMD’s RDNA architecture comes from the same 7nm FinFET manufacturing process that the Radeon RX 5700 and Radeon RX 5700 XT already employed.

They also use the same communication interface, the PCI Express 4.0 released with the RDNA.

This generation of AMD graphics chips can withstand temperatures of up to 110 degrees Celsius before throttling.

This model has a matrix of temperature sensors that allows you to know the temperature of the different points of the device and force frequencies hitherto impossible. 

This better control and increased temperature support translate into higher sustained frequencies, up to 2200MHz in turbo mode, with more controlled active cooling and therefore less overall noise.

The third pillar of this architecture is found in the AMD Infinity Cache technology, which is 128MB of ultra-fast memory that has been installed in the GPU to maximize the bandwidth in repetitive operations within the card. 

It works in the same way as the third-level cache of the most modern processors and its large capacity allows you to triple the effective bandwidth of the card.


  • Great 4K performance
  • Low TDP
  • Great overclock capacity


  • Ray tracing inferior to Nvidia

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3. GeForce RTX 3070 Founders Edition Graphics Card

Great Nvidia GPU For i9 9900K

The 30 series has a huge number of CUDA cores. These cores are responsible for carrying out the complex calculations a GPU faces to solve, among other tasks, general lighting, shading, removing jagged edges, or physics. 

The RTX IO technology allows the GPU to intervene in decompressing the data stored in the secondary storage unit to reduce load times and relieve the CPU of most of the stress imposed by this task.

Decompression algorithms can take advantage of the inherent parallelism of graphics processors.

The NVIDIA Broadcast application uses artificial intelligence to, according to its creators, improve your experience when you speak through a video call or broadcast live content. Its three main functions are to eliminate background noise, recreate a virtual background, and act on the frame automatically.

The 30 family is the first capable of communicating with other components through a PCI Express 4.0 link. However, they work perfectly on a motherboard with PCI Express 3.0 buses. 


  • Great cooling from the fans
  • Quiet operation
  • Amazing ray-tracing


  • Overclocking is tricky

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4. RX 5700 XT 8GB Graphics Card

Midrange AMD GPU For i9 9900K

This GPU introduced a series of new technologies in the Radeon line, such as Navi microarchitecture, 7-nanometer lithography, GDDR6 memories, and RDNA (an architecture that replaced the GCN used since 2012 by the company).

The company’s main focus with the Navi was to evolve efficiency.

While Vega showed high consumption and insufficient performance to go up against the more powerful Nvidia models, Navi brings much more compact chips, with fewer computational units, but delivering 50% more performance per watt consumed.

In its default configuration, the card even surpasses 2.0GHz during gameplays, something unexpected as it surpasses the Boost present in the specifications, which is 1905MHz.

Even when reaching 77ºC (the temperature at which it stabilizes the heating) it remains at the 1900MHz level, well above the 1755MHz of the gaming boost specification. A true beast.

Radeon RX 5700 XT is a competent card for anyone who wants to play in QuadHD resolution on Ultra with high frame rates and is even capable of running some lighter games in 4K. 

In addition, this model proves capable of delivering a little more performance than its rival for the same price, making it an attractive option for consumers.

Between a little more performance or RTX support, it’s up to the consumer to set their priorities. 


  • Beautiful design
  • Backplate included
  • Beats RTX 2070


  • Only one fan

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5. MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 2080 Super 8GB GPU

This amazing GPU has three fans, each with a diameter of 82 mm and a unique design in its 11 blades to generate maximum airflow at the lowest possible noise. 

Perhaps one of the most interesting features of the heatsink is the 3D Active Fan technology.

It keeps the system completely idle as long as the GPU temperature does not exceed a certain threshold, which is normally 60°C.

It is also possible the RPM profile of its fans. The three fans have an alternating operation, which means that the fan in the middle rotates in the opposite direction of the two at the ends.

That way, the airflow does not create turbulent currents. This genuinely makes a difference in performance and noise.

The GDDR6 memory, the 8 GB, and its 256-bit bus have been maintained. And if 14 Gbps seemed enough to you in older models, in this model you see even more, since its clock frequency has been increased to 7751 MHz, thus achieving speeds of 15.5 Gbps of stock and a bandwidth of 496 GB/s.


  • One of the fastest memories for a GPU
  • Real-time ray-tracing
  • DLSS


  • Consumes too much power

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Best GPU i9 9900K

Graphics Card For i9 9900K FAQ 

What GPU Is Best For i9 9900k? 

Is The i9 9900K Good For Gaming

Yes, the i9 9900K is terrific for gaming. Even if it is from the 9th generation and we are already entering the 12th, an i9 is a respectable CPU, with high frequency and enough cores to hold your system together for many years.

Does 9900k Have Integrated Graphics

Yes, the i9 9900K has the Intel UHD Graphics 630 as its integrated graphics unit. It is not the best iGPU, though, as right now the Intel Iris Xe does a better job.

Final Words About The Best GPU For i9 9900K

Getting an Intel Core i9 9900K is not hopeless in 2024. To be honest, this CPU can be properly paired with several of the top-rated graphic cards. We surveyed the best GPUs and concluded that the best from Nvidia is the GeForce RTX 3080 GPU, while the best from AMD is the Radeon RX 6900 XT Graphics Card. If you want to look a bit further, then the GeForce RTX 3070 Graphics Card is what you are looking for.