How Use Motherboard HDMI

How To Use Motherboard HDMI (Enable MOBO HDMI Port)

Are you unable to expand your capability because the number of ports on your dedicated graphics card is limited, or your graphics card HDMI port is damaged? Do you have several monitors, but your motherboard can only support one display, limiting your multitasking and gaming experience? Well, there are several methods you can use to bypass the BIOS problem. In this article, we will explain to you how you can enable your motherboard HDMI port.

Are you looking for a quick and reliable way to use motherboard HDMI? Use the BIOS to enable the HDMI port and then use the Ivanky HDMI to HDMI cord to connect the motherboard to the monitor. If your monitor doesn’t have an HDMI port, you can use the  Moread HDMI to VGA adapter.

How To Use Motherboard HDMI

Before enabling the HDMI port on your MOBO, you first need to check the motherboard manual to make sure that it supports dedicated graphics. Follow the steps below to affirm:

Check For Your CPU Integrated Graphics

The first thing is to visit your CPU manufacturer’s website to determine the CPU model that you are using. If you are using Windows 10, you can follow the steps below to check which graphics card you are using. 

  • Go to start 
  • Open the settings icon above the power button 
  • Choose system 
  • Check the about section on the system’s left side
  • In the device specification section, check for the processor model

If you are using an older version of Windows, you can follow the steps below: 

  • Click on start
  • Type device manager and then click open
  • Navigate to the display adaptors section 
  • Under that section, check for the dedicated graphics cards or the integrated graphics card 

Alternative method 

  • Search your processor on google by entering the model and the brand name of the processor. 
  • Open the manufacturer’s official website. 
  • Under the specifications, review the processor graphics. 

If you have been using the graphics card, but it is no longer working, the motherboard may have disabled it mistakenly. If that is the case, move on to the next step.

Enable Graphics Using BIOS

Are you wondering how you can use motherboard HDMI and graphics card? Follow the below steps to access the BIOS and add an HDMI port to the motherboard.

  • Save any unsaved information and then shut down your computer.
  • Once again, turn on the computer and then mash the Delete, Escape, F12, F8, F2, and F1 keys during the brief blue screen. You can also use the motherboard manufacturer’s manual to determine the exact key to use. 
  • While on the BIOS, determine the settings of the integrated graphics. You can search through the menus but be careful that you don’t destroy the computer. 
  • If you can’t locate the integrated graphics settings, you can try clicking on the advanced settings to see whether you will see them. 
  • Trigger integrated graphics multi-monitor or iGPU once you find it. 
  • Ensure that the setting specifies that you can use both the discrete and built-in graphics for multi-monitor display
  • Once done, save the settings and close the BIOS, and the PC will reboot as usual. 

Connect To A New Monitor 

After confirming that your CPU has integrated graphics and the settings are okay, the next important thing is to utilize the HDMI port.

This step will need an Ivanky HDMI to HDMI cord or a Moread HDMI to VGA adapter if there is no HDMI port available in your monitor.

Follow the below steps to connect your HDMI-enabled motherboard with your monitor.

Connect The HDMI Cord To Your Monitor

If you are using two monitors, connect the primary monitor to the graphics card located on your computer around the bottom part. Connect the other display on your motherboard HDMI port. Unlike the graphics card, the MOBO is vertically mounted. 

Usually, your motherboard port is located on the rear side, just like the graphics card. In a standard computer, the port can be slightly above the graphics card ports. Turn on your PC and start enjoying the multi-monitor configuration. If your display is working well, you don’t need to upgrade

 the driver of the integrated graphics card. 

Upgrade To The Latest Integrated Graphic Drivers

Even a motherboard with HDMI input can fail to detect another monitor if the drivers have issues. This is especially true if your second display isn’t detected due to problems with the graphic card drivers, and you can’t use HDMI through the motherboard. To update the driver, you do not need to download any online application. 

  • Click on the start icon. 
  • Find the device manager by opening the control panel 
  • Navigate to the display adaptor 
  • Look for the integrated GPU 
  • If you can’t find it, search it under unidentified devices at the other devices area.
  • Download the latest driver from your CPU manufacturers website and let windows check for the appropriate driver 
  • Your computer should now detect the secondary monitor once you restart it 
Enable MOBO HDMI Port

How To Enable MOBO HDMI  Port: FAQs

Can I Use Motherboard HDMI And Graphics Card?

Yes, it is possible to use both the HDMI and graphics card provided you have enabled onboard video through the BIOS. 

How To Enable HDMI On Asus Motherboard?

Access the BIOS by tapping or holding on the F8 key or the delete key. Under the system configuration menu, enable the CPU onboard graphics multi-monitor configuration. 

How To Enable Motherboard HDMI MSI?

If you want to start using motherboard HDMI, look for IGPU related settings in BIOS and enable multiple displays.

How To Enable Motherboard HDMI Asrock?

Access the BIOS by pressing the Delete or F1 and then selecting the advanced menu. Choose chipset configuration. Change the graphics adapter from PCIE2 to onboard, then press the F10 key to save the configuration.

How To Enable Motherboard HDMI Port For Multiple Monitors?

You can enable the motherboard HDMI port for multiple monitors using BIOS to enable both discrete and built-in graphics. 

Why Does My Mobo Have An HDMI Port?

The MOBO port is for the integrated graphics, which you would use if you don’t have a video card.

Final Words About How To Enable MOBO HDMI Port

The HDMI port on the MOBO gets disabled once you start using the graphics card, preventing you from using multiple displays simultaneously. Are you unable to enjoy an immersive movie or gaming experience because your motherboard HDMI gigabyte can’t support several displays simultaneously? The above tips connect a monitor using Ivanky HDMI to HDMI cord to connect the motherboard to the monitor. If your display doesn’t have an HDMI port, you can use the  Moread HDMI to VGA adapter.

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