Lower High CPU Playing Games

How To Reduce CPU Usage While Gaming (Lower High CPU Usage While Playing Games)

Not all CPU usage is the same, so some processors are stronger, and some are less so. However, if you find your CPU constantly reaching 100%, it’s time to find out how you can reduce your CPU usage while gaming. Let’s check out what you can do to make games use less CPU:

How To Lower High CPU Usage While Playing Games

1. Make Sure The Game Is Up To Date

You’re playing a game with a top-of-the-line PC, but suddenly everything seems to slow down, your computer starts overheating or the game even crashes. What ‘s going on?

Updating your system isn’t always the go-to solution to lower high CPU usage while playing games. It might be that the game needs a graphics-improving patch. 

This is common with games like Overwatch, but even if you’re playing a Steam or Battle.net game, check out if there’s a missing patch that can improve the game’s performance on your computer.

2. Close Background Third-Party Apps While Playing

The next thing you should do to lower your CPU usage is to disable background apps that might be taking a lot of CPU. 

This even includes the gaming clients you use to boot up the game. See how Battle.net remains open when you start playing World of Warcraft or any other of their games? That could be the reason your computer’s CPU usage rate is being eaten up.

Follow these steps to prevent third-party background apps from affecting your gaming experience:

  1. Open the Windows search bar, type in msconfig, and select System Configuration.
  2. You’ll find five tabs: General, Boot, Services, Startup, and Tools. Select Services and check the ‘Hide all Microsoft services box. 
  3. Click disable all.
  4. Now, select the startup tab and open the Task Manager. 
  5. Select the ‘prevent programs from starting with the system’ box, and select apply on the Systems configuration main tab.
  6. Restart your PC, and you’ll see how your CPU levels are more manageable without third-party apps running in the background. 

3. Check Your CPU Drivers

The next thing you should do to lower your CPU usage is to check your CPU drivers. If you’re playing powerful graphics but have an outdated CPU, there’s a chance that your CPU is being pushed to the limits. 

How Decrease CPU Usage FAQ

What Is Good CPU Usage While Gaming? 

Average CPU usage while gaming can start at 10% with less demanding games and reach up to 70% with more demanding ones, so it’s quite a wide range. Unless you’re doing rendering work, your CPU usage while gaming will rarely reach up to 100%.

Your computer may occasionally get hot when you are playing games, but this is normal. Most CPUs can handle it. 

However, there are steps to take to keep your machine from overheating too much while gaming. If the temperature of your CPU reaches 100 degrees Celsius or, more often than not, then that’s a sign it might be time for an upgrade! 

Remember that it might not be the game using up your CPU, and it could be a combination of open background apps and the game itself. Close these windows that use up all of the power on your CPU, so things stay cool and running smoothly.  

Why Is My CPU At 100% When Gaming 

The first reason that comes to mind is that you might be playing a very demanding game or that your system doesn’t fully meet all of the gaming requirements. It could even be a combination of these two.

Many people think that the more powerful the processor, the better it will do in games. However, this isn’t always true! For example, if you have an i7-8700k and are running games at 1080p with medium settings, then your CPU will be able to handle all those tasks easily without breaking a sweat. 

If you’re playing on high graphics though (especially for newer titles), then even something like AMD’s Threadripper 2920X would struggle – so make sure to keep your resolution and settings in mind when shopping for gear to reduce your CPU usage.

Is 100% CPU Usage Bad For Gaming? 

Reaching the limits of your CPU is safe, but it would still make your gaming experience inefficient. 

No one wants to play a game that runs like a turtle!

The game will most likely slow down when you’re running at a 100% CPU usage rate because your processor is focused on running the game. 

This causes other background tasks to be delayed and lowers the quality of your gaming experience, causing tech issues.

The ever-annoying gaming crash or the gaming streak ending freeze are some of these technical boogeymen that happen when you reach 100% CPU usage.  When playing at 100% CPU, your PC will be fine, what won’t be will be your score.

Can Dust Cause High CPU Usage? 

If you’re a computer geek like me, then you know that dust can cause high CPU usage. This happens because the fan has to work much harder than usual, which causes it to wear down faster. 

But what exactly does dust do? Well, it’s pretty simpleā€¦

When dust collects on the computer’s fans, it restricts them from cooling the computer down. Logically, this increases temperature, prompting the CPU to self-regulate. When it self-regulates, the performance starts slowing down because the CPU increases. 

The dust build-up can impact your CPU by preventing the internal fans from dissipating heat from the system.

To prevent your CPU usage from skyrocketing from overheating, try to clean the dust to cool down your CPU and avoid a performance slowdown. 

An excellent way to do this is by using a compressed air duster and a lint-free cloth to wipe out the dust buildup on each fan blade individually. Try to clean any filters as neatly as you can, too.

That’ll reduce your computer’s heat levels and the CPU usage in case it’s being increased by overheating.

How Reduce CPu uSAGE Gaming

Final Words About How To Reduce Cpu Usage While Gaming

With a bit of knowledge and some simple steps, you can cut down on your CPU usage while gaming. No need to purchase a new computer when you can clean the dust from your computer’s fans or close background third party apps.

If you find your CPU usage increasing more than usual while gaming, try out these tips to reduce your CPU usage. This will help prevent any potential damage from overheating or running too hot in general.