Best CPU GTX 1060

Best CPU For GTX 1060 2024 (Top Good Processor To Pair With ASUS GeForce GTX 1060)

CPUs are very important in the building of a powerful PC, and if you get a very good CPU, you will probably have less stress when picking out the other components that you need to build your system. The GTX 1060 is a graphics card that gives an astounding performance when paired with a good processor that’ll work best with it.

In a hurry? The best CPU for GTX 1060 in 2024 are the AMD Ryzen 5 2600 and Intel Core i5-8400. Both CPUs are amazingly built for stability and gaming efficiency. With this CPU processor, you will surely get the best out of your GTX 1060 graphics card.

Good CPU For GTX 1060: Quick Comparison

BEST RATED AMD Ryzen 5 2600 CPU Processor
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Dimensions: 1.6 x 1.6 x 0.3 inches
  • Manufacturer: AMD
  • Computer memory type: DDR4 SDRAM
  • Processor: 3.9 GHz Ryzen 5 2600
  • Processor count: 6
  • Wireless type: 802.11a
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4
  • CPU: 3.9GHz
  • CPU socket: socket AM4
  • Number of CPU cores: 6
  • Number of threads: 12
  • Max. Boost Clock: Up to 3.9GHz
  • Base Clock: 3.4GHz
  • Total L1 Cache: 576KB
  • Total L2 Cache: 3MB
  • Total L3 Cache: 16MB
  • Default TDP: 65W
  • Processor Technology for CPU Cores: 12nm FinFET
  • Thermal Solution: Wraith Stealth
  • Max. Operating Temperature: 95°C
  • PCI Express Version: PCIe 3.0 x16
  • System Memory Type: DDR4
  • Memory Channels: 2
  • System Memory Specification: Up to 2933MHz
  • Supported Technologies: AMD StoreMI Technology, AMD Ryzen Master Utility, AMD Ryzen VR-Ready Premium
  • Unlocked for overclocking
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RUNNER UP Intel Core i5-8400 Desktop Processor
  • Weight: 3.53 ounces
  • Dimensions: 4.57 x 2.76 x 3.98 inches
  • Manufacturer: Intel
  • Processor: 2.8 GHz core i5
  • Processor: 1
  • Computer memory type: DDR4 SDRAM
  • Memory speed: 2800 MHz
  • Number of USB ports: 1
  • Batteries: 1 lithium ion battery required
  • Processor graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 630
  • Graphics Base Frequency 350 MHz
  • Graphics Max Dynamic Frequency 1.05 GHz
  • Graphics Video Max Memory 64 GB
  • 4K Support Yes, at 60Hz
  • Max Resolution (HDMI): 4096×2304@24Hz
  • Max Resolution (DP): 4096×2304@60Hz
  • OpenGL Support: 4.5
  • Scalability: 1S Only
  • PCI Express Revision: 3.0
  • PCI Express Configurations: Up to 1×16, 2×8, 1×8+2×4
  • Max number of PCI Express Lanes: 16
  • Comes with the Intel quick sync video
  • Features Intel InTru 3D technology
  • Has an in-built Intel clear video HD technology
  • Comes with Intel clear video technology
  • Number of Displays Supported: 3
  • Compatible only with Motherboards based on Intel 300 Series Chipsets
  • It has 6 Cores / 12 Threads
  • It features 2.80 GHz up to 4.00 GHz Max Turbo Frequency / 9 MB Cache
  • Intel Optane Memory Supported
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AMD Ryzen 5 2400g Processor
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Dimensions: 1.6 x 1.6 x 0.3 inches
  • Manufacturer: AMD
  • Processor: 3.9 GHz Ryzen 5 2400g
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Hard drive: 1TB
  • Graphics coprocessor: AMD Radeon RX Vega 11
  • Wireless type: 802.11b/n/ac
  • Operating system: windows 10
  • Computer memory type: DDR4 SDRAM
  • Hard drive interface: Serial ATA-600
  • Batteries: 1 A batteries required
  • Processor count: 4
  • Wattage: 65
  • CPU speed: 3.9GHz
  • CPU socket: AM4
  • Max Temps: 95 degree C
  • Frequency: 3.9 GHz Max Boost
  • Thermal Solution: Wraith Stealth Cooler
  • OS Support: Windows 10 – 64-Bit Edition RHEL x86 64-Bit Ubuntu x86 64-Bit
  • 4 Cores/8 Threads Unlocked
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AMD Ryzen 7 2700X CPU
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Dimensions: 1.6 x 1.6 x 0.3 inches
  • Manufacturer: AMD
  • Processor: 4.3 GHz AMD Ryzen 7
  • Processor count: 8
  • Computer memory type: DDR4 SDRAM
  • RAM: 16GB
  • CPU socket: socket AM4
  • CPU speed: 4.3 GHz
  • Wattage: 105
  • 8 Cores/16 Threads
  • It comes unlocked and ready for overclocking
  • Frequency: 4.3 GHz Max Boost. Base Clock 3.7GHz
  • Compatibility: windows 10 64 Bit edition, RHEL x86 64 bit, Ubuntu x86 64 Bit
  • It comes with 20MB of Combined Cache
  • Socket AM4 Motherboard Required, Supports Windows 10 – 64-Bit Edition RHEL x86 64-Bit Ubuntu x86 64-Bit
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Intel i3-6100 CPU Processor
  • Weight: 3.17 ounces
  • Dimensions: 4.6 x 4.4 x 3.1 inches
  • Manufacturer: Intel
  • Processor: 3.7 GHz core i3
  • Processor count: 2
  • Computer memory type: DDR3 SDRAM
  • Batteries: 1 A batteries required
  • Wattage: 65
  • CPU speed: 3.7GHz
  • CPU socket: LGA 1151
  • Cache: 3 MB
  • Bus Speed: 8 GT/s DMI3
  • Processor Base Frequency: 3.70 GHz
  • Graphics Base Frequency 350 MHz
  • Graphics Max Dynamic Frequency 1.05 GHz
  • Graphics Video Max Memory 64 GB
  • Graphics Output: EDP, DP, HDMI, DVI
  • 4K Support: 60Hz
  • Max Resolution (HDMI): 4096×2304 at 24Hz
  • Max Resolution (DP): 4096×2304 at 60Hz
  • DirectX Support: 12
  • OpenGL Support: 4.5
  • Number of Displays Supported: 3
  • Features Intel’s HD Graphics 530 with 4k support
  • Comes with Dual-Core with Hyper-Threading Technology
  • Comes with an in-built Intel Quick Sync Video
  • Features Intel’s InTru 3D Technology Yes
  • Comes with Intel Clear Video HD Technology
  • Has an Intel Clear Video Technology
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Best CPU For GTX 1060 2024: Reviews

1. AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Processor


AMD Ryzen 5 features the Zen architecture which makes it an efficient CPU. It also features its famous true machine intelligence technology, which helps accelerate system performance.

The AMD Ryzen 5 2600 gives its users the ultimate power to overclock freely, which will push your system to attain its full potential.

AMD Ryzen socket AM4 is there to make sure that your PC works flawlessly and at an amazing pace. Its new X470 and B450 chipsets bring a futuristic sense to the CPU in general, the new chipsets help it work well with new softwares and applications. 

AMD has provided the world’s elite e-sports gamers with uncompromising standards for both the processors and graphics card that power their gear. AMD provides the tools that these top-tier teams and players need to compete with, even against the best.

Their AMD StoreMI Technology enhances load times, boot times, file management and system responsiveness. They have designed their newest coolers to deliver near-silent operations, bolstered with capable thermal hardware, all at a good price. When these coolers are packaged with the existing processor, it provides a tremendous value.


  • Low TDP
  • Multithreaded
  • Comes with a cooler
  • Great performance


  • Does not include IGFX

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2. Intel Core i5-8400 Desktop Processor

Runner Up

The Intel brand generally makes great CPUs. The Intel Core i5-8400 comes with six cores with an all core boost clock of 3.8 GHz, which makes it an amazing chip for more affordable gaming even with a more high-end graphics card. 

When you play games at high settings, like 75Hz gaming at 1080p, this CPU can handle it very well, reaching basically 100% GPU usage in most games. 

In some high-end games, if you experience any type of stuttering you might want to add another memory stick to make use of the dual channel mode, which will reduce the CPU usage and stuttering as well as increase FPS.

The Intel i5-8400 has many features. The Intel Optane memory is a smart adaptable system accelerator and it will surely boost your system’s performance and increase frame rates, so that whenever you play your favorite games, it will run as smoothly and as flawlessly as possible.


  • A good performance ratio
  • Six-cores and six-threads
  • Bundled cooler


  • Cannot overclock

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3. AMD Ryzen 5 2400G CPU Processor

Best Overclocking CPU For GTX 1060

AMD Ryzen processors are built to be intelligent, revolutionary processors. AMD Ryzen 5 2400g is designed to give its users the best computing performance.

The latest revolutionary AMD multi-threaded processing technology gives you blazing fast performance when you work or play. 

AMD VR-Ready processors provide you with the utmost processing power needed to handle advanced VR workloads.

AMD users enjoy the most powerful graphics a desktop can possess, with the Radeon RX Vega processor graphics. The latest and most advanced ‘Vega’ graphics technology delivers fast, smooth and fluid performance for the games you love to play. 

AMD Ryzen Processors that feature the Radeon RX Vega graphics are built with some of the newest, advanced, computing performance, with the newest graphics hardware recently available in the market.

Fused together in a single processor to deliver a high performance, which will make your processor’s demanding workflow work seamlessly without compromise.


  • Stunning performance
  • Potent chipset
  • Price efficient
  • Slim build
  • Amazing gaming performance
  • Unlocked CPU multiplier
  • Features IGFX


  • Sometimes, it lacks a bit of processing power

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4. AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Processor

Best Value CPU For GTX 1060

AMD Ryzen features the same 8 cores and 16 thread arrangement just like its predecessor, but this CPU is considered to be significantly faster as it consists of a 3.7 base clock speed, and certain cores can boost themselves up to generate a clock speed of 4.3 GHz. 

Featuring a wraith prism CPU Cooler, the processor always manages to keep the total temperature low. Even if you are performing an operation that is a heavy workload, it will keep a cool temperature. 

What counts as the best feature of this CPU is that it does not comprise frame rates. Its processor can encode files efficiently therefore making it a great CPU.


  • Its AMD’s Ryzen Master Technology works efficiently
  • Features a wraith prism CPU cooler
  • Comes with improved compatibility and offers users higher DDR4 memory speeds


  • The two memory sticks somethings only achieves a speed of 3200MHz

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5. Intel Core i3-6100 CPU Processor

Best Budget CPU For GTX 1060

The Intel Core i3-6100 comes with two-core, four-thread configuration, delivering the performance and capability you need for everyday home and office tasks, as well as a host of new features that are there to enable you to get the most out of your PC experience.

The 6th generation Intel Core processor is based on the Skylake microarchitecture and built with a 14nm manufacturing process.

The i3 comes packed with a lot of advanced features to enable you to take your productivity, creativity and 3D gaming to the next level. 

By enabling new exciting Windows 10 features, the 6th generation Intel Core processor empowers you to unleash your imagination and creativity. This is a budget CPU that delivers amazingly and is packed with just the right features you need to start gaming or creating 3D characters.


  • Cost efficient
  • Decent gaming performance
  • Great stock cooler


  • Doesn’t allow hyper threading

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Good Processor Pair ASUS GeForce 1060

Top CPU To Pair With GTX 1060 FAQ

The top CPU that you can pair with the GTX 1060 is the AMD Ryzen 5 2600. As a result of the cores and threads, the pairing will most certainly perform well.

What CPU Will Not Bottleneck A GTX 1060

The AMD Ryzen 5 2400g is best suited for the GTX 1060 and will bottleneck a GTX 1060 the least.

GTX 1060 CPU Requirements

It requires CPUs that run on 3 or 4 cores at the very least, along with a CPU that has 8GB of RAM.

What Can A GTX 1060 Run

It can run many programs and games. It is sure to run most of EAsports present games. It will also perform amazingly in Blender, Houdini and many other 3D software.

Final Words About The Best Recommended CPU For GTX 1060

Having reviewed a lot of CPUs that will work well with the Nvidia GTX 1060, we have chosen just a few that, when paired with the GTX 1060, will produce the best results. 

So whenever you’re planning to invest in a quality CPU, you have to consider the exact function you would want to perform with it, or whether you will be pairing it with a GPU or not. Our list helps you to decide the best options for the GTX 1060.

The list has a few CPUs that can perform exceptionally with the GTX 1060, but the best on the list are AMD Ryzen 5 2600 and Intel Core i5-8400.

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