Best CPU Cooling LGA775

Best CPU Cooling For LGA775 2023 (Top AIO & Air Coolers & Fans For LGA775 Socket)

If you are in the market for the Best CPU Cooler and also happen to be for Lga775 you’ve been following our path in the last days as we’ve been pondering about it too. Lurking for anything related to the top coolers and fans for LGA775 socket as we figured out the best options available in the current market.

Short on time? The top rated coolers for LGA775 in 2023 are the highly rated Deepcool Gammaxx 400 and the Arctic Freezer 11 LP.

Best CPU Cooler For LGA775: Quick Comparison

BEST RATED Arctic Freezer 11 LP CPU Cooling
  • Bearing: Fluid Dynamic Bearing
  • Technology: Air Cooling
  • AMD Socket: N /A
  • Intel Socket: 115x, 1200, 1700, 775
  • Fan: 100 mm
  • Fan Speed: 900–2000 RPM
  • Dimensions (L) x (W) x (H): 115 x 106 x 53 mm
  • Weight: 255 g
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RUNNER UP Deepcool Gammaxx 400 Air Cooler
  • Intel CPU Socket: LGA20XX/LGA1366/LGA1200/LGA115X/LGA775
  • AMD CPU Socket: AM4/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2/FM2+/FM2/FM1
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 5.3″x 3.1″x 6.1″(135x80x154.5mm)
  • Heat Pipes: 4 Heat Pipes
  • LED/RGB: Blue LED fan
  • Motherboard Header: CPU fan
  • PWM Fan: 1 PWM fan
  • Fan Speed: PWM: 900-1500 RPM±10%
  • Fan Noise Level: 17.8~30dB(A)
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Be quiet! BK010 Shadow Rock Slim
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 7.01 x 5.12 x 7.09 inches
  • Brand: Be quiet!
  • Power: 4-pin
  • Connector Type: PWM
  • Wattage: 1.32 watts
  • Cooling Method: Fan
  • Compatible Devices: Desktop
  • Noise Level: 23.7 dB
  • Material: Copper
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Silverstone Tek Argon Series
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 10 x 7 x 5 inches
  • Brand: SilverStone Technology
  • Power Connector Type: 3 and 4 pin Combo
  • Cooling Method: Fan
  • Noise Level: 33 dB
  • Material: Copper
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Thermaltake Slim X3 Low Profile
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 3.9 x 3.62 x 1.42 inches
  • Brand: Thermaltake
  • Power Connector Type: 4-Pin
  • Cooling Method: Fan
  • Compatible Devices: Desktop
  • Noise Level: 26.9 dB
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Air Flow Capacity: 22.35 Cubic Feet Per Minute
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Top Coolers & Fans For LGA775 Socket 2023: Reviews

1. Arctic Freezer 11 LP CPU Cooler

Top Rated

The pre-applied MX-2 thermal compound is non-capacitive and non-electricity-conductive, way safer to work around delicate chips/circuitry/connections than those metal-based thermal compounds.

Being low profile allows you to feel safe when it comes to memory clearance and although nowadays the trend is RGB all things.

The cooler does the job while being easy to install through the unique mounting system via push pins offers excellent stability and is applicable within minutes, thanks to the pre-applied ARCTIC MX-4 thermal compound, is a quick and clean installation. 

The low noise impeller and patented fan holder ensures the fan to work quietly even under full load, thanks to the PWM control and this design allows the fan to collect air from the sides and not just from the front of it.


  • Low profile suitable for limited areas without compromising the airflow and cooling benefits.
  • Low budget with overall good rating among customers.
  • The fan and shroud snaps right off for very easy cleaning.


  •  Not Recommended if you have a Mini-ITX motherboard

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2. Deepcool Gammaxx 400 Air Cooler

Runner Up

On the honorable second place we have DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX400 CPU Air Cooler with 4 Heatpipes.

After a quick comparison I was able to notice a difference in temps in a positive way, as the before temps were in  Idle: ~44°C and under Light use: ~58°C let me tell you that after installing this cooler all went down to Idle: ~28°C and under light use: ~37°C  so you can see a good thing there that can’t be denied and for the price is a very good thing to say about this product.

Some may say that a lot of pressure when applying is needed, but in my own experience, it was an easy way with no force. 

Make sure before purchasing of the dimensions of your case as this cooler is on the bigger side.


  •  Better performance than the Hyper 212.
  •  Easy to install.
  •  Well controlled idle and load temps for a fan cooler
  •  Sound/noise was low at high fan RPMs
  •  Includes  thermal paste


  • Does show a bit of roughness along the edges of the heatpipes.

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3. Be quiet! BK010 Shadow Rock Slim 

Top Lga 775 Liquid Cooler

Be quiet is usually known for the low noise and good quality blades and overall good performance on their products, this was no exception but this comes with a higher price tag than the previously mentioned products and because of that is harder to recommend.

This model is good for many sockets beyond LGA775 and looks good but it takes more space as it is taller but on the other hand comes with 4 heat pipes.

A downside is that the instructions were printed with small letters therefore a little hard to read. The backplate is held in place by plastic retaining clips. You don’t have to snap them onto the base of the screws as they are only meant to hold the backplate while doing the installation.


  • Fan is bigger than standard coolers and therefore better temps and airflow.
  • Low noise
  • Mounted fine and seems pretty sturdy.


  • Expensive compared to others in this tier.

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4. Silverstone Tek Argon Series CPU Cooler with 120mm Cooling Fan

The All Rounder

Features three 8mm thick copper heat pipes connected to the base using heat-pipe direct contact (HDC) technology but at the same time some users consider that this model is tall for their enclosures. 

The Silverstons tek ARgon CPU Cooler has some opinions against it since some buyers consider it doesn’t cool too much or good enough for i5 processors while under load.

The fan runs very quiet, not really audible inside the case.


  • The overall footprint is about the same as the stock intel cooler.
  • Ridiculously easy to install. 
  • FIts on slim cabinets/cases.


  • Not suitable for Mini-ITX configurations

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5. Thermaltake Slim X3 Low Profile 

Honorable Mention

Thermaltake is a company that has been around since November 1999 and the brand name is well known amongst Pc builders, in case that due to availability in stocks or backorder listing this is a good option as a cooler.

However don’t expect anything higher than the standard performance from standard stock i3 or 15 intel coolers.

Is a low profile cooler that doesn’t call for attention with a plain black color and his 80mm fan.

However this design usually finds a conflict with memory profile in some cases or motherboards, so it’s something to take into consideration.


  • Budget friendly
  • Using push pins to provide good contact with the CPU’s heat spreader.


  • Subpar standard or even higher temps under average scenarios.

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Top Cooler Fans 775 Socket

Socket 775 Cooling FAQ

Does 775 Cooler Fit 1151?

Mounting without any modification is possible. If the LGA-775 cooler is centered then it might be off inwards by only  2.1mm, then you have a chance to bolt it to the mobo. It doesn’t look like the best presentation but without a  doubt it’ll work.

Will a 775 Cooler Fit a 1150?

Take into consideration the spacing on LGA1150 as it is a bit larger than 775. So the answer is No.

Final Words About The Best CPU Cooler For LGA775 On The Market

This socket 775 goes far behind as 2004 when the Pentium processors were at the top of the line. It’s good to know we still have options available to suit our needs since not everybody can afford an upgrade or complete revamp in the current market condition.

However we must take into consideration that regardless if low profile model needed or not, this platform has some age.

At the end of the day, the consumer has the final word to choose any of these products but a factor that often is overlooked is that case fans, airflow, enough holes in the surface of your cabinet are a factor that affects all of these coolers regardless of their quality or factory performance.

So what’s the very best CPU cooling for LGA775 socket in 2023? In conclusion the top rated coolers for LGA775 are the high quality Arctic Freezer 11 LP CPU Cooler Fan and the Deepcool Gammaxx 400 Air Cooler.

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