Best CPU Cooler i9 9900K

Best CPU Cooler For i9 9900K 2024 (Top Rated Liquid, AIO, Air, Stock Coolers & CPU Fan For Intel Core I9 9900k)

If you have an i9 9900K and you do not know the correct cooler to get, then you are at the right place. Should you opt for an AIO cooler or an air cooler? Can a particular cooling allow one to overclock it without any overheating? We are here to answer all of these questions and many others. Let’s find out what are the very best CPU coolers for i9 9900k on the market.

Are you in a hurry? In short, the best CPU cooler for i9 9900K in 2024 is the Noctua NH-D15. If you are looking for a cheaper option, you can go for the Arctic Freezer 34 eSports Duo

Best Cooling For i9 9900k: Quick Comparison

  • Type: Air cooler
  • Fan speed: Up to 1500 RPM
  • Dimensions- 9.25 x 11 x 7.5 inches
  • Maximum noise level: 24.6 dBA
  • Weight: 132o grams
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RUNNER UP Arctic Freezer 34 eSports Duo
  • Type: Air cooler
  • Fan speed: Up to 2100 RPM
  • Dimensions: 4.84 x 4.06 x 5.91 inches
  • Maximum noise level: 28 dBA
  • Weight: 760 grams
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Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4
  • Type: Air cooler
  • Fan Speed: Up to 1500 RPM
  • Dimensions: 5.7 x 5.35 x 6.40 inches
  • Maximum noise level: 24.3 dBA
  • Weight: 1130 grams
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Cooler Master V8 GTS
  • Type: Air cooler
  • Fan speed: Up to 1600 RPM
  • Dimensions: 6.6 x 5.9 x 6.1 inches
  • Maximum noise level: 36.0 dBA
  • Weight: 1406 grams
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Corsair Hydro Series H150i Pro
  • Type: Liquid cooler
  • Fan speed: 1600 rpm
  • Dimensions: 18.66 x 5.75 x 7.28 inches
  • Maximum noise level: 25.0 dBA
  • Weight: 960 grams
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NZXT Kraken X62 Liquid Cooler
  • Type: Liquid cooler
  • Fan Speed: Up to 2800 RPM
  • Dimensions: 13.66 x 6.1 x 8.23 inches
  • Maximum noise level: 38 dBA
  • Weight: 1290 grams
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  • Type: Liquid cooler
  • Fan Speed: Up to 2200 RPM
  • Dimensions: 7 x 14 x 7.7 inches
  • Maximum noise level: 39.5 dBA
  • Weight: 1179 grams
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Best CPU Cooler For i9 9900K 2024: Reviews

1. Noctua NH-D15 CPU Cooler

Best Overall 9900K CPU Cooling

Our choice for the best overall CPU cooler is the Noctua NH-D15. Noctua is a brand that produces some of the top CPU coolers in the industry. 

One of the main reasons why the Noctua NH-D15 is extraordinary is because of its unique thermal solution.

The coolers can keep your CPU cool and, at the same time, maintain a low-level noise floor. Their highest level of noise is 24. 6, which is considered incredible.

The fan speed is one of the most critical features of any CPU air cooler. The Noctua NH-D15 will give you a maximum of 1500 Revolutions Per Minute (RPM). This will efficiently keep your rig cool. Its quiet performance is also enhanced by its RPM not going too high.

The cooler has a total of six heat pipes, all of which are made of good quality. They help in the immediate absorption of the high temperature that the processor may produce. The heat pipes are made of copper hence their efficient performance. 

It comes with two high-quality fans, each being 140 mm. The fans feature Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) support alongside the low-noise adaptors, which help in keeping the fans silent with automatic speed control. 

The cooler comes with a thermal paste as well as the SecuFirm2 mounting system. The latter will help in easy installation. It can also handle overclocking. 


  • Good build quality
  • Low noise profile


  • Massive size

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2. Arctic Freezer 34 eSports Duo CPU Cooler

Best for Budget Intel Core i9 9900K Air Cooling

CPU users, in most cases, have to part with huge sums of money to cool their CPUs. However, this is not the case with the Arctic Freezer 34 eSports Duo. The cooler comes at an affordable price.

It features high-quality heat pipes that are able to take excess heat from your processor within a short time. It also comes with a heatsink that has 54 cooling fins.

They will keep the processor cool even when you are under a heavy load.

The Arctic Freezer 24 eSports Duo comes with two fans which will ensure that there is a good airflow for the 9900K. One of the fun will pull cool air in as the other one pushes hot air away. The product is also easy to install, and one can set up its backlit with competitive ease. 

The maximum noise goes up to 28 dBA, while the fans will go up to 2100 Revolutions Per Minute. This means they are able to pull in plenty of air and push it out as well. 


  • Easy to install
  • Fair price


  • Its size could be an issue

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3. Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4

Best For Noiseless Air Cooling

Just like the name suggests, this product is the quietest CPU cooler that you can use on your i9 9900k.

Even when under heavy loads, it will have a maximum noise level of 24.3 dBA. This equates to near silence.

It has a unique design that makes it a worthy contender in our list of the best CPU coolers for the i9 9900k. The Dark Rock is designed with seven heat pipes that use copper.

The material does well in the absorption of heat. The pipes offer a remarkable performance by driving away heat from the CPU.

The Dark Rock Pro 4 has good airflow optimized cooling fins or heatsinks. They allow the heat to move out of the processor at a higher rate so that it remains cool all the time. 

It has two fans which usually work well without creating a lot of noise. If you are looking for a more silent cooler, then we suggest this as the best option.


  • Very quiet
  • High performance


  • It can be challenging to install

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4. Cooler Master V8 GTS

Best For Overclocking

The V8 GTS is a hefty cooler that will offer you all the overclocking and clocking capabilities that you may require. When it comes to the extension of the headroom, this is one of the best choices. 

There are chances that you may not have this cooler running at the maximum speed all through. In this case, you can keep the sound down by fine-tuning the speed of the fan.

The noise level will be about 36.0 dBA when it is running at the maximum speed.

Although the number is not that bad, it is not the best either. However, the product has extensive controllability that can help to keep it down.

The V8 GTS has a horizontal vapor chamber design that makes it unique. The design allows it to minimize any hotspots. It will also enable the heat to distribute uniformly, thus enabling better dissipation.

It has two high-quality fans that will facilitate a good airflow to the processor. Besides, it comes with a universal mounting system for compatibility. The V8 GTS has eight heat pipes that make it a suitable cooler for your CPU.


  • Control for noise and speed
  • High airflow fans


  • Slightly heavier

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5. Corsair Hydro H150i Pro RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

Best For Liquid Cooling for i9 9900k

We consider Corsair Hydro H150i Pro as our best when it comes to liquid coolers. This cooler has triple fans as well as a granular software control. The fans are mounted on the radiator of the cooler and are powered by magnetic levitation. 

The bearing of the fans is vital in many ways. First, the magnetic levitation will allow a lower noise profile. It will also make the life expectancy of the fans go up.

The fans can go up to 2400 RPM and also have a zero mode. This implies that you can turn them entirely off.

The fans’ feature can be more effective if you want total silence when your CPU is already at a lower temperature. The cooler can go up to 25.0 dBA, which is incredibly silent. Although the pricing is slightly higher, this cooler is worth the money. It has a customizable RGB backlight pump that can customize the LEDs to match the setup.

The product also has an iCUE software that enables extensive control with the software. This includes the individual fan speeds.


  • Incredible AIO solution
  • Excellent performance


  • Size could be an issue.

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6. NZXT Kraken X62 AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler

Best For Value For Money

The NZXT Kraken X62 is our 6th pick for the best CPU cooler for i9 9900k. It is a fantastic cooler that will offer you a good cooling mechanism due to its impressive design of the fan as well as extended tubing. 

It is a worthy cooler despite being slightly expensive. It is important to note that as the price of these products goes up, you will likely get more features, and this is the case for the NZXT Kraken X62. 

The cooler has a modern lighting model featuring an infinity mirror which gives it a unique looking. You can also customize it if you want to. It comes with extraordinary 140mm Aer P radiator fans designed to offer better performance with liquid cooling. They can go up to 2800 RPM, and the highest noise level will be 38 dBA.

Considering the speed, the amount of noise is fair enough and somehow decent. It has monitoring software that will enable you to look at any little change. You can also look at the temperature of the cooling liquid and the speed of the pump. 

Compared to other higher-end coolers, we can establish that the NZXT Kraken X62 has fair pricing. 


  • Easy AIO installation
  • Good for overclocking


  • High noise level as compared to other options

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7. EVGA CLC 280mm AIO Cooler

Best For Budget AIO Overlocking

The EVGA CLC 280mm AIO Cooler is the best option for you if you want a good liquid-cooled system that is budget-friendly. It will allow you to overclock the CPU without worrying about throttling and overheating. 

The product is entirely made of aluminum. It is also pretty durable and has two 140 mm fans that perform perfectly well. They use the Teflon nano bearing, which enables an efficient operation.

The maximum level of noise is 39.5 dBA which is not quite impressive.

On the other hand, the lowest fan speed is 600 RPM while the maximum is about 2200 RPM which keeps the CPU cool by giving plenty of air.

One of the unique features of this product is that you will not have to go through the custom tubing process or tedious filling. All you will have to do is connect its components, and it will be ready to go. The cooler also has a good wiring system and a base made of copper.


  • More durable
  • A good wiring system
  • Easy to use


  • The maximum noise level is not quite impressive.

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Good CPU Cooler For i9 9900k FAQ

Top Liquid AIO Air Cooling 9900k

What Cooler Should I Use For I9 9900K? 

The best cooler to use for i9 9900K is Noctua NH-D15. It is more efficient and has the best features for a cooler.

Can I Air Cool A I9 9900K?

Yes, there are several air coolers that can be used to cool your i9 9900K.

Is The Cooler Master Hyper 212 Good For I9 9900K?

Yes, the Cooler Master Hyper 212 is good for i9 9900K because it offers controllable support as well as a low noise level.

Does I9900k Come With Cooler?

Yes, the device comes with a cooler. However, you can purchase another one if you want it to be more efficient.

Do You Need A CPU Cooler For I9 9900k?

Yes, a CPU cooler is necessary for the i9 9900k as it makes it more efficient.

Is Stock Cooler Enough For I9 9900k?

No. A stock cooler alone will not be enough for intel core i9 9900k.

Final Thoughts About The Top Rated Intel Core i9 9900K Coolers

So there you have it – the best cooling for Intel Core i9 9900K on the market in 2024. To sum it up, the top rated cooling for 9900K is the highly rated Noctua NH-D15. The honorable second place belongs to the more affordable Arctic Freezer 34 eSports Duo.